Jul 02

Ideas For a Smarter Future Thanks To Satellites

Uncovering The Mysterious Forces In The Universes
In the 1950s and 1960s, space exploration was the most interesting phenomenon concerning the public’s view of NASA. However, space exploration is not nearly as fascinating in the 21st Century as the potential of satellites. Moreover, satellites allow NASA and astronomers around the world to purge far deeper into space than ever before. In addition, we have recently discovered that only four percent of the total matter in the observable Universe consists Continue reading »

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May 15

Nano technology, which makes use of very small parts and components, is able to open many doors within the world of manufacturing. Learning more about this technology, and the possibilities that it may bring to many aspects of manufacturing, can provide you with greater insight into the future and may allow you to make more effective decisions as a result. Failing to educate yourself about the latest technology, most exciting products and the way that manufacturing stands poised to make use of new research and development efforts Continue reading »

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Mar 28

One of the key advantages of NASA and other organizations centered on space technology is the many advances that have been integrated back into common society. This includes a new look at crime and some of the matters that can be completely prevented with space-based technology, including advanced satellites.

Satellites have been used for many years as a tool that is aimed directly back at Earth. From tens of thousands of miles away, they can take a very close look at humans and their everyday lives and everything Continue reading »

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May 31

Low Orbit Satellite Systems are satellites that orbit from 200 to 1200 kilometers above the surface of the earth. The vast majority of satellites orbiting the earth are Low Orbit Satellites. Since these types of satellites orbit so low, they have many advantages to them. One advantage is that pictures of the surface of the planet can be taken with great clarity. This can be very useful to people who want to map the terrain of different parts of the earth. This is also useful to those who want to take pictures of people and facilities on the earth Continue reading »

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May 28

The weather centers for news have become much better, but they are still growing. One way to make sure that this technology continues to thrive is through satellites. It appears that everyone seems to be benefiting from satellites these days. GPS systems for navigation are getting connected with satellite images. The music industry has been taken by storm with satellite radio. It only seems logical to employ more satellite technology in the world of weather and storm prediction.

This is why NASA has been working diligently on this Continue reading »

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May 27

Untapped Energy, The Power Of The Cosmos

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The sun thousands of times larger than the earth and only a small fraction of the heat the sun generates actually lands on earth. Even so, look what the energy that hit earth has created. Imagine if humans could harness a larger portion of the suns power. Even if we could harness more of what lands on earth, we would be could eliminate the need for some of our dirtier or even more dangerous energy sources.

Gravity is currently used to power hydroelectric Continue reading »

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May 25

There has been a technology evolution. It has put a spin on how we do everything. People listen and buy music differently because of technology. People also communicate with friends and family members because of technology and all the advancements that have taken place. Phones are more than phones. Computers have become the portal to online shopping and lots of other activities. One may wonder if there was anything left in the world for technology to conquer. Some people wonder if the smart Continue reading »

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May 22

There are a couple of scenarios that scientists are looking at that actually present the possibility of traveling through space. Through the experiments that are conducted with super colliders, and the work of quantum physicists, and indeed a convergence of sciences, some believe that interstellar travel is possible in the blink of an eye.

At the basis of the speculation is the mathematical possibility that other dimensions exist. This has long been thought to be speculation except for another weird phenomenon. The super colliders, made to study sub-atomic particles found Continue reading »

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